Soundforce Scandinavia

Your Scandinavian partner for touring and concerts.

We have the complete solution

Light, Audio, Video, Transport and now also a Rehearsal Studio. Soundforce is delighted to offer you the comprehensive solution you´re looking for.


With our wide assortment of lamps, we´re able to provide complete solutions for several ongoing tours and festivals simultaneously. Well planned cabling, transport solutions, fiber systems etc are important to us.


Not even the best technology is a guarantee of good sound quality without good people behind it. The combination of detailed planning, well-thought-out preparatory work and the sharpest technology makes Soundforce one of the best suppliers.


The video department of Soundforce has a wide range of modular LED systems, projectors, media servers and cameras. With our experience, we can offer the best possible tour-customized video delivery.


Vehicles of different sizes provides our customers with the best cost-efficiency and minimum possible environmental impact. We are expanding our fleet. Please contact us for the latest update.


At the end of 2023, our BlackBox Rehearsal Studio was ready. With its size of 28x24m, 50-ton rigging capacity and excellent hospitality, there is now the opportunity for rental.


The new generation festival stage. With its impressive performance, Alphastage 224 offers a full-sized festival stage with the advantages of the mobile scene. 

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