Alphastage 224

The new generation festival Stage. With its impressive performance, Alphastage 224 offers a full-sized festival stage with the advantages of the mobile scene.

10 reasons to choose ALPHASTAGE 224 from Soundforce

Innovative stage design - ALPHASTAGE meets the requirements for fast construction time and high security.
Effective Construction - The construction time for the stage after the weigh-in is approximately 18 hours. In addition to our 3 qualified technicians, only 8 stagehands are needed with some reservation for ground and weather conditions.
Self-sufficiency - The construction requires no external power supply. The stage is equipped with its own motor which supplies all hydraulics with pressure. No external machine is required for mounting.
Construction safety - To assemble a classic stage requires many labor-intensive and risky parts. In severe weather conditions, work effort and risks further increase. Mounting and dismantling of ALPHASTAGE 224 is considerably smoother and safer despite the impressive structure of the scene. Thanks to the stage's hydraulics, the safety of the construction personnel is not challenged.
Weatherproof - The roof on the stage is constructed of composite material which ensures maximum protection for expensive technical equipment against rain. The stage also has solid sides and back and no holes in the ceiling for towers.
Stability and safety - The stage is a stable construction of steel supported by hydraulic support legs. The weight (which is on average 4 times higher than a traditional stage) ensures a high capacity against harsh weather conditions.
Load capacity - The roof load capacity is 20,000 kg distributed over the entire structure.
Sustainable development - ALPHASTAGE has been designed to be installed with a minimum of energy. Assembly and disassembly of the basic design requires only 15 liters of ordinary gasoline in its entirety.
Europodium - ALPHASTAGE is constructed in Europe by Europodium. It is the latest generation mobile stage and is world-unique in its ingenious construction and high security thinking.
Control - Continuous control is constantly guaranteed by our technicians at every use. During the winter season, the scene undergoes a thorough review of all hydraulic and electrical systems to ensure a constant level of safety.
Technical facts:

- Total area (roof): 16.6m x 16.3m
- Stage area (Floor): 15.88m x 14.02m
- Max load on floor: 500 kg / sqm
- Floor height: 1.5-2m
- Total stage area: 224 sqm
- Clearance: 10.5m
- Total load capacity: 20 tonnes
- Wireless control for Hydraulics
Approved for wind speeds of up to 20m / s with covered sides


- Video wings

- Production wings covered with roof: 5 x 12m
- Loadingbay
- Mixing place