Soundforce is one of the leading companies in Scandinavia when it comes to Soundproduction and Audiodesign. We have decades of experience of touring and showproduction and are working with the top of the line technical equipment.

Adamson Energia Partner

Soundforce is an Adamson Energia Partner.

We stock the state of the art E15 and E219. We also stock smaller speaker systems from the well known Adamson Systems Engineering.

D&B J-series

Our main soundsystem is the state of the art soundsytem from d&b Audio, SL-Series GSL


We stock the following d&b-speakers:


d&b SL-Series GSL

d&b J-tops, d&b J-sub, d&b J-infra-subs.

d&b V-8, db V-12, d&bV-subs

d&b Q1, d&b Q-7, d&b Q-10, d&b Q-subs, d&b B22

d&b C4, d&b C4 subs

d&b C7, d&b C7-subs


Digital consoles

We stock the leading brands of digital consoles. For example:


Digico SD7, SD-5, SD-ten, SD-12, SD8, SD11.

Digidesign Profile systems, SC-48

Midas Pro 6

Yamaha M7CL, LS-9, DM2000, DM1000.






Analog sound-consoles

Our choice of analog consoles is:

Midas XL-4, Midas Venice

Soundcraft Series-5, Soundcraft Monitor-5, Soundcraft MH4, Soundcraft MH-3 







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