Welcome to Soundforce Scandinavia

We are one of Scandinavias leading supplier of technology to the experience industry. We´ve been supplying for concerts, tours, corporate shows and exhibitions for more than 25 years.


Soundforce Scandinavia is based in Sweden and specialised in international projects. The equipment is top-of-the-line and the staaf is well experienced in international projects.


We have special departments for sound, light, staging, trucking, coaches and video including LED-screens.

d&b SL-Series GSL


We are proud to annuonce that we are a d&b SL-Series GSL-Partner. 

Adamson Energia Partner

Soundforce is an Adamson Energia Partner.

We stock the state of the art E15 and E219. We also stock smaller speaker systems from well known Adamson Systems Engineering.

D&B J-Series

Soundforce Scandinavia is one of the major soundcompanies i sweden. In 2006 we were one of the first users of the great J-series from d&b. Nowadays we also stock V-series as well as Q and C-rigs.  

d3 Technologies Mediaserver

Soundforce Scandinavia stock mediaservers of most well known brands. Our technicians are trained in d3, hippotizer and Arkaos.


We proudly present our inhouse Videodeopartment.

You can find LEDscreens in all formats as well as projectors at our warehouse,


We provide Nightliners for every use. Via Midnight Coach Express there are coaches in three segments.

Starbusses, Bandbusses and Crewbusses.


Soundforce Scandinavia offer full trucking service for touring all over Europe.

Touring & concert best brands


We stock the most demanded technical equipment. E.g.

d&b SL-series GSL, J-series  Adamson Energia E15

Digico SD7, SD5, SD-ten, SD12

Martin face 5, ROE LED-screens

d3 , Hippotizer mediaserver

Setra Nightliner 

GLP jdc1 

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